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"The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live. Be a man before being an artist."
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Chercheurs d’or escaladant le Chilkoot Pass pendant la ruée vers l’or du Klondie, hiver 1897-98
Alaska-Colombie Britannique
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I’m having my first day at uni again tomorrow, but I decided that I’ll have a talk with a few tutors and I’ll ask if I still have any chance to pass the year. If they say I can, I’ll stay in uni and do my year. If not I’ll quit for this year and travel until September. Uni stresses me out too much to just stay in if I’ll don’t pass anyway this year. Maybe it’s time to do what I want. 

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Paris Montmartre by Zeeyolq Photography on Flickr.
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KasperCommute Seoul, 2010
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do you ever wonder if anyone reads your blog like everyday just to check on you 

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